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Books, Bags & BRT

We are trying to keep a reasonable range of books on hand that particularly relate to precision shooting. We also carry the excellent range of utility bags made by our friend Bill Gammon in Canada. Used for storage of items like a powder measure, barrel blanks and priming tools etc. Bench Rest Training (BRT) caps and shirts are also available.


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$12 Falt rate shipping, all orders - few exceptionsns

PHONE ORDERS  -  07 3808 4862

                                          9.00am - 6.00  Weekdays


15-100 The Benchrest Shooting Primer - PS $49.50
15-1600 Precision Shooting at 1000yards - PS $50.00
15-340 A Varmint Hunters Odyssey - Steve Hanson $69.50
15-825 Rifle Accuracy Facts - Harold Vaughan $50.00
15-845 Handloading for Competition  - Zediker $51.00
15-855 Rifleman's Guide to Rimfire Ammunition - Zediker $42.00  
BKPSR Precision Shooting Reloading Guide - PS $35.00
BKERA Extreme Rifle Accuracy - Mike Ratigan $50.00
BKURA Ultimate in Rifle Accuracy - Glenn Newick $27.00
BKTB         The Book of Rifle Accuracy - Tony Boyer
17DS .17cal Shooting  - Dick Saunders $29.00
BKRBF Complete Illustrated Guide to Rifle Barrel Fitting $69.00
BKWWM With Winning In Mind - Lanny Bassham $25.00
BKSMM Secrets of Mental Marksmanship  Miller & Cunningham $44.00  
BKWB The Wind Book for Rifle Shooters  Miller & Cunningham TNA  
BKBLAB Applied Ballistics for Long Range Shooting  - Bryan Litz $70.00  
BKBLAP Accuracy and Precision For Long Range Shooting - B Litz $45.00  
BKESAB Exact Small Arms Ballistics   - Arthur Pejsa $39.00  
BKUFB       Understanding Firearm Ballistics - Albert A Rinker $43.00  
LPLATHE How To Run A Lathe - South Bend Lathe Works 14.00  
LOG-1 Reloading Log Book small $12.50
LOG-2 Reloading Log Book large $16.00
LOG-3 Sight Zero Book $9.50
LOG-4 Reloading Log Book Rimfire $13.00
15-99237 Hornady Reloading Manual $55.00
BRM Berger Reloading Manual    $35.00
BKSC Shooters Corner (Hard Cover)         SPECIAL $25.00


BRT1 Barrel Bag  26" $13.00
BRT12 Barrel Bag  32" $15.00  
BRT2 Primer Tool Bag $12.50
BRT22 Bolt Folder $13.50  
BRT3 Stockboot Sml $22.00
BRT32 Stockboot large $25.00  


HAT BRT Hat grey/navy $15.00
SHIRT BRT Shirt grey/navy $50.00




* Exceptions for the $12 Flat Rate Shipping include the very heavy items like a Farley Benchrest which weights over 15kg and the long items which exceed the Australia Post maximum length of 1050mm.This includes the long cleaning rods, 42" etc which require road freight. We will advise if any items like these are not included in the $12 Flat Rate Shipping deal but 99% of all orders will be $12 shipping.

NB: This deal applies only for mainland Australia.


Disclaimer: Whilst every care is taken to quote accurate prices, ultimately prices are subject to change without notice due to manufacturers changes, currency variations or errors in posting. All prices are subject to change without notice. Please check with us to confirm. E&OE